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Matt Fishel

Learn these words verbatim, one by one
These are the truths you'll need
Raise your flags to freedom
March for your country
Keep your lips sealed
And if you don't serve god
Then you will find yourself in troubled places
"do as I say kid, I'm here to give you guidance and love"

It was wrong
It doesn't matter, now it's gone
I'm not afraid to doubt it anymore
And even if I'm wrong
Well I'm not ashamed about it anymore

And it's ok to cry over someone
And it's ok to change the path you're on
And it's ok to fall in love

Boys grow up to be good fathers, working to bring bacon in
Girls are raised to bring the babies
They will keep your kitchen clean
Never stray from what is written
Keep tradition true to the word
The vows of holy matrimony are sacred and reserved

This is wrong
And when you open up that door
And you're not ashamed about it anymore
There's a calm after the storm
So don't be afraid about it anymore

And it's ok to keep your head held high
And it's ok to doubt yourself sometimes
And it's ok to fall in love with someone unexpected

Nestled in the lonely spaces
In the dark the demons come
The silent voice that screams inside your head
"don't forget what you've learned"
If you give in to sweet temptation
Your sins will bury you in the dirt

But guys look so much better in my bed
Unbuttoning their shirts!

If it's wrong - then shoot me down with your family gun
'coz I'm not afraid about it anymore
And in the end I've won
'coz I'm not ashamed to shout it anymore

It's ok to fight against the words
And it's ok to stand up and be heard
It's ok to show your strength to the world
And it's ok, yeah it's ok to fall in love

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