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Trying To Lose My Mind

Matt Costa

I talk with my friend over the phone,
I'm scared to say things I don't know and be wrong,
And words always sound much better coming out of someone else
But put it in a song and know that we can get along

I'm trying to lose, lose my mind
When it's gone I'll tell you where it went
About the extent of it's stay
Strum a few chords and use my voice
And make this song with the hopes that you'd play along, along

And look at the ones before me
Some say I waste my time

But normal life seems so boring,
So trying to lose my mind

Well I met a girl,
She didnt like my song
She told me that old songs are better
She played me her favorite records
This is how I repayed her
I said it's okay to some but I hope that you can sing alone alone

And look at the ones before me
Some say I waste my time
but normal life seems so boring so im trying to lose my mind.

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