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From The Summer

Matt Beckler

Ah, steal from the summer
Ah, spill through your slumber

For I, I won't dissapoint you
For I'm, I'm cleaning the old hues

So slip though the dark
at night
and dress
In faded wonder
And hold
Your step
Don't go asunder

And I'll try- to reach you
To give you just a little-
Of my day
And I'll try- to feed you
This song
This hour

I, I dripped from the morning
And I, I poured from your warning
I, I drank of the black air
Ah, an opiate found there

I held you in this
Alone, I guess
The painted skies and,
The lonely mist
To never want more

So, I'll try
and reach you
To give you just
A little of my day
I'll try
To feed you-
This song
This hour

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