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Some Fashion Shows

Matheus Walter

The fashion shows
Of the town I've birth
Makes me think of suicide
Makes me think the worst
And if I figure
How the things must be in Rome
Or in Paris I get more
Depressive all the time
Since I was a kid
I like to see
Skinny ladies showing
New collections on Tv
But if it depends in my town fashion shows
I'll never see with my own eyes
The glamour of it
And all the executives and the men with money
They don't give a damn
For the fashions shows
In my town
And this things will never gonna change
Is better forget about it
Than to feel this rage
I came from a place without the class
I have to be different
Don't to argue
Let it pass
And for Jesus sake even the youngest people
They don't give a damn
For the fashion shows
And the hippest new stylists
Don't know what a needle's for
They don't wanna work
So they will live and die-a-poor
Oh, the times of gold
They are never coming back
I just hate to see the kids
In yellow, pink and black
I just hate the people that won't like
To go to fashions shows
In my town

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