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Hair & Style

Matheus Walter

I try to fix up my
Hair and style
My head seems out of place
But I don't know why
The world is wrong to me
Then I ask you so
Why you're being looser
If you can go pro
No no no baby
Won't you tell me no
I ride with my black car
Through the streets of the neighborhood
I put on my new pants
I put on my old shoes
I light my cigarette
I listen to the blues
Now my hair is cut
Now my face is clean
I'm no more Vincent Gallo
I am Steve Mcqueen
If you see me on the streets
Driving my black car
Don't you ask me what to do
Just meet me at the bar
Joking, drinking, smoking
And playing pool
I try to see the faces
That I once knew
But the people's not the same
I'm sure they're not the same
At least my head still
The same old thing

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