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Awareness Of Chance (Intro)

Matheus Hardke

Window Mannequin

Only a rose with sharp spines
Just a balloon with no forces to fly
Only one bicycle with wheels
I will not fall into the temptation of our imitation
A forging that does not fit into this action
No end and no start for me

I look out of my dark bedroom window
The dark that spreads for my entire life
I try to smile every day as you
But I can not get out of this prison of loneliness
I'm screaming for everyone and no one can hear me
A maze with no way out and no entrance

Roses with thorns bloomed
The balloon attached to the stone took strength and took flight
The bike got rid of the wheels and goes free
They are beautiful things taking care of themselves
Smiling to the world and giving your hug
Because they are beautiful in every possible way
I do not need to smile just like you to be beautiful
I do not need to smile just like you to love me
To you, what is the meaning of beauty?
Because its meaning is ugly

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