Mat Mchugh

Fools, they think they, for sure, know something
Oh, of moons and stars
Of broken hearts and dreams
But, me, I swear that I know nothing
But for nothing's always been enough for me
So if it's all the same
I'd sooner just remain open like a river running to the sea
And if it's of no concern
I'd sooner take my turn
Be waiting here for you to say you'll notice me

Dreamed every day this world will slow down
Built a boat so I could set sail on the waves
Far from the shore, beyond the reefs bound
On for kinder seas, for joyful better days
Hear melody on the wind
In amongst all of the din
In every single word you never say to me
And if it's a treasure found
That weighs a sailor down
Then keep your silver and your gold
(I've) found me release

And I will send you a message
Hope the message gets found
In a bottle
And washed up at your feet where we drowned
In it I'll say all of the things I wish I'd told you before
And I will leave you directions
Just in case
Your mind does change
I'll still be yours

Let me show you

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