Poor Boy

Mat Kearney


like a breath of fresh air and the wind at my back
toe to heel with strong strides taking miles off the map
in this journey called life where i've walked so far
under the heat of your sun and shine of your stars
step by step i've crept i've crawled and i've run
felt the palm of your hand and the barrel of death's gun
i ran for my stood strong through strife
from a miscarried live to waiting for my life like
i heard it sung a thousand strong all night long
heard heavens bell gong something its like
i've been there in total despair
now i've tasted and i've touched
a breath of fresh air

'cause i do live and i hope and pray
for something better and brighter today
for something there for something there

'cause i was just a poor boy living in poor world
but you gave me more love that set me free
'cause i was just a poor boy living in a poor world
but you have gave me more love that set me free

like road trips on open roads
windows down sun setting a fresh new clothes
shoes off so you can stop reflect on all these paths unfolding
with these staffs that are pulling in this world so controlling
its not always best to take the interstate
sometimes the most is on the windy coast way
'cause wide is the path pulling astray
narrow is truth in these days
but all the while i hear a still small voice say
you climbed the cliffs rocked the desert on your very own
swam the seas, sang the songs with the sweetest tones
the beaches you've combed moons you've roamed
but all the while a voice calls you home

like a coming of age on the road less traveled
from the concrete streets to the back woods gravel
from the cage to the stage as my wings unravel
you won the war though i'm still fighting battles
'cause i've hoped and i've fallen
i've ran and i've stalled
i've hung up and i've called
i've laughed and i've balled
but through it all i'm standing tall
'cause i heard your call, sing it out ya'll

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