Los Angeles

Mat Kearney

Well, I pull out of Nashville
The sun on my windshield
Black Forerunner in the summer like a big deal
Apron in Starbucks
Sweat you're gonna miss me
Nah, I smell out over the Mississippi
Got a friend out west
With a little studio time
Foods on the valley
And the dream gone wild
Ralph's turkey on in the pouch
And Ramen in the cup
Check the funds in the account
When the pennies add up

This far, my chest weighs more like gold
I'm try my best Lord to let it unfold
For all on the quest
Let the story be told
Right from the soul

Los Angeles
In the all of this
Driving the 101
My dream down to the bone
Your smile, your kiss
Every little part I miss
Baby, I'm trying to find a place where we belong

I got a buddy name Sean
And a minivan too
Cds that I feed
How to tour no clue
Thousand cap room
And only eight people came
And five on the guest list were under my name
But I slave every one from the bottom of my heart
Maybe there'll be sixteen kids next time we start
So move with the wind
Fifty dollars in my pocket
Wait for the sun
That civil lightning rocket
Two traveling souls
Living on the road
To wayward kids that how they don't know
So we put up with the wind
We let it all unfold
Straight from the soul

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