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  • Informações do Álbum Good Side Bad Side

    1. Act A Fool
    2. COM. 1
    3. We All We Got
    4. Who Want Some
    5. Let' Em Go
    6. Who Them Boyz
    7. Why They Wanna Wish Death
    8. You Don't Know Me
    9. Anything Goes
    10. COM. 2
    11. It's A Drought
    12. Them Jeans
    1. Ghetto Honey
    2. That Ain't Nothing
    3. Ghetto Model
    4. COM. 3
    5. Tell 'Em
    6. Ride 4 You
    7. We Like Them Girlz
    8. 20 On Cars 26 on Trucks
    9. Thug And Get Paper
    10. COM. 4
    11. Respresent
    12. If

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    (Chorus x2)
    Shake it girl
    Work it girl
    Us thugs we like them girlz.

    Lil mama wit all of that (Hey!!)
    Lemme tell u where the partys at (Oohh, Ooohh)
    No limit where the ballers at? (Over Here!)
    We pop bottles like a quarterback
    Hey girl why dont u do that dance (Ok)
    Look at you mami, why dont u shake that thing (I see you
    I like the style and the way you move
    Make a thug wanna get with you.

    (Verse 1)
    You know when i come through dog you know im fly.
    Its about to jump off, you know I stop by.
    We ain't ale lovers, we just them types of guys.
    Thugs in the club with them bottles at the side.
    My wrist sittin on 24 karats.
    Rookies tuckin in they chains, must be embarrassed.
    I slide through, grab a couple of bottles.
    Later on I slide through, grab a couple of models.
    You a baller, you outside or in.
    I pulled up, theres more outside than in.
    Niggas in the parkin lot sparkin blunts.
    Like being on 20s or above, dont park in the front.
    So a couple of dudes romp the street try to park and run
    You back to the spot, now bitch I get back to the yacht.
    I'm on the dance floor with Trina and Tasha.
    I'ma ask for orange juice and vodka
    Tell the waita more champagne for shorty.
    We in the VIP and bout to get naughty.

    (Chorus x2)

    (Verse 2)
    ???? Sunday, you know the dog who rolled thru.
    And the black 350Z wit no roof.
    Excuse me, I don't know what they told you.
    But I'm gettin in for free anywhere that i go to.
    Carmen said that how i spit i Got hella flo's
    Rock platinum rolls white, wit yellow and gold.
    Got the world in my hand, wont let it go.
    I'm not a lightweight cuz i got heavy dough.
    Young dude, ice so chunky, game so smooth, thats why they want me.
    Too cool, way too flossy, if thats your boo then you better get her off me.

    (Chorus x2)

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