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One More Time

Mary Mcbride

Can’t blame you at all
Running here and running there
Crossing border towns
Stop at every last state fair
I didn’t mean to pull you under
I didn’t mean to take you for a spin

I didn’t want to take so long
No stop along the way
Even if a sign says
no rest until the day breaks
I won’t leave until I see you
I can't forget that
the jokes on me it seems

Just one more try
Just one more time
I’ll let you win

Can't believe I'm here
five years on this burning road
caught behind these times
spinning wheels are getting old
I'll drive until I hit tomorrow
I'll drive until I
see the other side

Just one more try
Just one more time
I'll let you win

somehow looks the same
even in a different place
sky is catching fire
dreaming through another day
stops and starts and hazy wonder
I suddenly see that
it can't hurt to believe

Just one more try
Just one more time
I’ll let you win

Compositor: Mary Mcbride, Paul Carbonara

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