Marvin Krackers

I start my day without convintion
Nobody wants to talk with me
Everybody goes away when I come
I just forgot to wash my teeth

When I'm trying to save my BACK
What does really makes me a man?
When I'm trying to go my way
Father let me live
And let me disappear like I'm floating in the air

July ahi love you so much
So that I don't give a fuck of the rest
Of the world above, above us all
Life is a game that we play with no rules and no not

Move it up and turn it up
Come on want you leave it up
Everybody is laughing nobody will laugh again
I just wanna shake like GIN and lime we're gonna fuck

I'd like to have a gun in my car
I'd like to have shot J.F.K.
I'd like to have a Cappuccino
Just wanna do what I have chosen to do

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