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You Can Leave, But It's Going to Cost You

Marvin Gaye

I remember like it was yesterday
We were over gwen's,
And we were trying one more time to make amends
Oh yes we were
Suddenly it occured to me it did not matter
Whether I was mad at her
Or she was at me
Nawww understanding my condition
I must surely be a wishing and a hoping to be free


She said... you can leave, but it's going to cost you ....
She said... you can leave,but it's going to cost you.
She said ... you can, but it's gonna cost you dearly
You....can leave but it gonna cost you how dearly
Sometimes my eyes were red as fire
Intoxicated ...

Sometimes the spirit was moving on me
I had to fight to defend my life

I'm gone,I'm gone,I'm gone(get use to it baby)
I'm gone,I', gone,I'm gone(get use to it baby)

You use to say that I was a gorgeous hunk of man...
That didn't help me baby ah...when you were on the stand

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