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Woman Of The World

Marvin Gaye

Oh, baby
Looking good

Oh woman
Liberated lady of today
Remember all our childhood days (remember?)
Boy and girl, we used to play
Do you remember, baby?

Hey, freedom
Emancipation's what you found
Legislation put me down
Oh yeah
What happened to yesterday? (What happened?)

Woman of the world
Now that your eyes meet mine
You see a brand new generation

You've come a long way, baby
You've come a long way, baby

Hey, woman (woman of the world)
Chauvinism's day is done
Now there isn't anyone, no, no
For you to look up to (You're on your own now)

Lady, independence is your thing, listen
You got the world on a string
Go out and take your time
Oh, woman of the world
What would you prefer be done?
After all we've done together
You want to pull away now

Hey, woman of the world (You've come a long way, baby)
My yesterday girl
Little lady
Baby, it's your show
It's your show
Woman of the world
Yesterday girl, it's your show
Baby, it's your show

(You've come a long way, baby)

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