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I've Got My Music

Marvin Gaye

Dreams of you dreams of you
Are so fine so fine baby
Since I woke up
So is my state of mind

Since we've been apart baby
God has healed my heart
Used to go out looking for love
Now love is looking for me
And sweet music keeps me happy

Not so long ago darling I was feeling sad
Who would've kissed my lips
I would've still felt bad ah baby

There were times I've wondered if I was insane
Ah baby I simply let my tear drop fall like rain
Oh baby but when I kiss your lips
The clouds begin to roll away
Uh down to my finger tips
I feel the happiness each day

Oh my Mama said to me
She told me son love goes where you take it
So stay with the spirit boy
I feel that you gonna make it yeah

Got me wondering yeah
'Cause music's been my therapy
Taking the pain from all my anatomy
Music has never let me down
It's my symphony always stayin' in me

Who'd know that the world ain't right ah baby
Lots of people uptight
I'll go crazy if something ever happened to my musical thrill
And darling your love is just like music

Music is the soul of the man
Music makes a happy day
Music makes the clouds roll by baby
Your music kissed my tears and set my eyes

Your music makes me want to sing
Your music is a joy to bring
Music is my heart and soul
It's more precious than gold

You're like a song in my heart
I love every part
A song you're like a song
Happiness today is just a song away just a song

I love your music baby
I don't worry 'bout a thing
Oh turn on your music baby
See my happiness beam

Your love is music
Oh my darling yeah
Your love is music ah baby yeah
And music is my life

Turn on some music more
Hey turn on some music more
I got my music hey hey
I love my music hey
We need the music

I got my music hey
I love the music oh
Turn on some music
Get off the music ah
Turn up the music
Let's have the music ha

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