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Dance 'N' Be Happy

Marvin Gaye

When did you love me
I hope you know the truth
It's never hard to get it up to you
Oh' why did you have it and is it all the same
Oh my sweet darling did you forget your name
Oh youoooo call it a thrill
I never knew, that means you never will
Oh one big mistake now I see
I started off thinking that you belonged to me
Cold blooded lovers waiting for the night
Exploring my treasures you got me so uptight
Your the fault that I'm.
Feeling so insane
Once we were happy
Then the devil came.
Oh baby, oh baby
First you make believe your mine
Oh baby, oh baby
Then you make me feel like dying. ooh ooh
Once upon a time you said I set your soul on fire
I called you my honey
You were my one desire
I let you dance oh too deep within my soul
I can't believe I let you take control
Oh my sweet baby don't wait to late.
Tell me you love me and cure my heart ache.
I never thought I'd be put in this squeeze
Your trying to bring me to my great defeat.
Don't start buggin
Don't criticize
Folks that love you
Is right before your eyes
You stopped me
Got to let you go
Got to be happy got to love you so
Got to give you some
I'm the one you need
Got to be my fire
(uh ah, uh ah...)

Come on sweet honey say you don't care
Dance all your heart aches far away from here
Background: having a love party
Used to be so real
Ah I used to be your only thrill baby
Ah we used to be so real
You'll never love me and you never will
But I'll always love you cause that's the way I feel
And we just can't help it cause that's the way it is
So dance n' be happy
Smile and be happy
Love and be happy
Dance, whoooo
For life is happy and love is happy
To sing is happy
Dance, whoooo
Let's be happy
And smile and be happy
Live and be happy
Dance, whoooo

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