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Ole King Kong

Marty Brown

Well I used to be king of the jungle swingin' high from every tree
Oh I had no woman to bound me up I was foot loose and fancy free
But this woman came along she put me in a cage
She's got me under her lock and key
Well I've flipped a new leaf turned a new page
Cause here's what she's done to me

I gotta get off work oh I gotta get back home
I gotta see my sweet sweet baby been thinking of her all day long
Yeah I gotta do right by her Lord knows I can't do no wrong
Cause Lord she's done made a monkey out of ole King Kong

[ dobro ]
She's got me wrapped around her finger so tight
Lord I don't even know which way to loose
When she says jump I say how high do you choose
She's got me under her thumb she won't even let me wear my shoes
And the only king I am now is king of the blues

I gotta get off work...
I gotta get off work...

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