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I'd Rather Fish Than Fight

Marty Brown

Well if your baby ain't doin' you right and you're feelin' low
Go down to the woods take you a knife and cut you a fishin' pole
Throw out your line wet your worm and everything will be alright
Forget your troubles cast your blues and fish till the morning light
Well if you see me fishin' then you know we're fightin'
And the woman ain't doin' me right
I'll be here on the creek bank catchin' catfish until the morning light
Back at the pad she's boilin' mad but there'll be no scrappin' tonight
Cause when she cools down I'll be back around Lord I'd rather fish than fight
[ steel - fiddle ]
Now if you got a little gal with a red hot temper boy here's what you better do
Just take your tail to the water hole and fish away your blues
And while you're fishin' she'll be thinkin' and wonderin' what you're up to
And when your stringer's full and you get back home she'll be missin' you
Well if you see me fishin'...
Yeah back at the pad...

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