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God Knows

Marty Brown

Tonight I'm here in this hotel room but I'm wishin' that I was with you
Though home is where my heart is there's nothing that I can do
And I know you're scared and you're worried someone else is on my mind
But before you fall asleep tonight fold your hands tight and then you'll always find
God knows God sees just how much you mean to me
And if you wonder how I feel for you and if my love is true
Close your eyes bow your head low feel my heart touch your soul
And you'll know I love you you'll see it's so God knows
[ piano ]
I know there's times you get lonely but that's when you'll have to hold on
When you feel like I've taken more than I give you'll have to stay strong
For God only knows just how I feel he only knows that my love is real
Before you fall asleep tonight just say a prayer then you'll know just how much I care
God knows God sees...
Darlin' I love you bow your head low God knows oh God knows

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