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Higher Power

Mark Salling

Pipe Dreams

Hey Are you feeling sad today
Did you catch the one you're wanting
Just to let them get away
Everyone becomes a therapist
You can't afford to pay
You're going insane

So, maybe something's wrong with you
Seems the world becomes disinterested in everything
You do
And if your dream is to be lonely then I guess it's
Coming true
Are you alive
Are you even alive

Love is an impossible
I have seen her
Broken and beautiful
Rising up of my remaining ashes
Higher power

Now, nothing's left to do but wait
With no distraction from yourself it's time to
You should make your peace with God
Or maybe focus on career
But one thing is for certain
there is nothing for you here

So go
There's so many things to see
Just beyond the song of darkness that is permeating
Just because I'm a prisoner don't mean that you're not
When we met you were blind
Now I'm praying that you see

(chorus) x2

[guitar solo]

(chorus) x2

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