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Moody Blues

Mark Joseph

Get around, make a sound
Write a song and say "It's just for you"
My benefit, my conscience too
But now I'm feeling moody blues tonight.

Break it down, to the ground
Tell me why my innocence is gone
I've been at this for far too long
And still I'm riding electric storms tonight

But, now I'm feeling like you're stealing the light
What you've got, it ain't quite right
And now I know I need to settle the score
I'm feeling like I never have before
I'm on the floor
I'm Moody Blues tonight

Get around, steal a sound
Sing a song and know it's just for me
My thinking deep, my therapy
It's all I have and what I need tonight


Well, there you are you're watching me
I've got no space and I can't breathe
And all along you let it be...
But what you've got is bitter sweet

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