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Bringing Back Those Memories

Mark Joseph

Why do you feel this way?
You bring back all the memories of yesterday.
My wounds are open again!

I didn't know that it would reach this far
Didn't know there was no such thing as a 'temporary scar'

Well we've been sinners
and we've been saints
some say one's better, but I say it ain't
All the time you're looking round to me...


And it's bringing back those memories again
And I'm thinking about those days that I knew then
And it's bringing back those memories
Bringing back those enemies
Bringing back those memories again

Why do you act this way?
I'm feeling all the pressures of yesterday
The past is open again!

I didn't know it would be this hard
Seems like I'm dying inside, it's gone too far

Well we've been sinners
And we've been saints
I should have listened, but now it's too late
All the while you're reaching out to e...

Chorus Repeat

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