Marina And The Diamonds

I drop onto my bed,
And the dust jumps up.
To sad to turn my head
'Cause my heart's full up.

She's stayin' at your home,
She's sleeping in your bed.
I can't let you consider,
That you just don't care.
Oh, oh, yeah.

Every morning I wake up,
And I smoke a fine cigar,
A habit I acquired in Barcelona.

Expectations are bliss,
When I'm given up to you,
Oh, I'm a perfectionist,
I was hoping you were too.

(Perfectionist), uh oh,
(perfectionist), too,
Uh oh, perfection.

Well perhaps this is why,
I could not say goodbye
'Cause these rules I'm living by,
Don't apply to real life.

Tell me how am I meant to,
Keep my cheeks dry,
Without pissing you off,
With that one word, one word.

"Why, why, why", uh-oh
Why, uh-oh, why.

Can't say these things to you,
So I have to sing 'em live.
When I spit you get so angry,
So I'll take you by surprise.

Oh Mr and Mrs Perfect,
Together they cannot be!
And that's a thing you had to deal with,
When you fell in love with me, uh-oh.

Me, uh-uh oh,
Me, uh-uh, oh,
Oh-oh, uh-oh-oh.

You left me for a quick fix,
But you crawled back to your cot.
Thank fuck you didn't harm the spark in me,
I know it's all I've got.

And I know that it sounds cliché,
But I know that it is true.
Oh, you rely on myself,
I can't rely on you, uh-oh.

You, uh-oh, you.

You treat me like a trinket,
Keep me in a special box.
I'm not no polite treasure,
In the chest that time forgot.

Oh, you keep me in the dark, shining,
Make me feel so bad
I feel you only loved me when you realized,
That I was all you ever had, uh-oh.

Had, uh-oh, oh,
Had, uh-oh, oh.


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