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All Fall Down (feat. The Spooky Kids)

Marilyn Manson

Fornicators in wooden silence
Throw grubsteaks on the offering plate
Supplication congregation
Count the creases in your face
Prophet preaches hypocrisy
Disemboweling heresy
Falsities falsities
Falsified factualities
The sky was purple and my eyes were red
I fell from the firmament upon my head
Was it something something something I said?
One day people gonna make me dead
Caught in this dream
Can't hear me scream
It's another variation on my theme
I'm omnipotent fiend
I'm meat for a queen
My hair runs black and my eyes grow green
You don't need your worthless mortal body
Belief is just a pitiful noose
Your God is cerebral masturbation
And Satan is your sorry excuse

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