My Sunny Day

Mariana Paz

Yeah! I’m here

to worship You

cause when I’m lost

i’m found in You

Yeah! Was raining

inside of me

but than You appear

and told me that…

I’ll never fall and never stop

even when i thought that i’l be lost

You’ll be just beside me

watching and speaking, guiding and leading

You never give up of me

and when the rain can’t let me see

You’ll eraser the clouds from the sky

and give a sunny day over me.

And someday i said:

“I cannot do it”

but than You told me:

“look at My hands..

I’m alpha and omega, beginning and end”

A lot of people tried to stop me

but than You told me:

“I’ll give you strength to fight”!

And the clouds disappeared over me…

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