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15 Minutes

Marc Nelson

15 minutes-Marc Nelson

Damn, What time is it
All snap, I gotta go to work
Hold up a minute

All I got is 15 minutes, and I wanna get up in it
Ain抰 got no time to talk, just come and break me off
Ain抰 got no time for love, just come and give me some
Ain抰 got no time to talk, just come and break me off

7:45 on the dot, guess I抦 late for work but I抦 feeling kind of hot
I see you downstairs pouring juice
Flippin my eggs but I wanna flip you

Because your, standing right there in your negligé–‘
Thinking should I hit it but damn I抦 late (damn I抦 late)
Maybe a quickie would make my day (oh)
It抣l make my day, it抣l make my day oh oh


I think I wanna hit it again, call my boss and tell him I won抰 be in
I bet he抯 gonna wanna know why, and I just can抰 tell him no lie
She laying right here in her negligee (negligee)
Right now I don抰 care just cut my pay (cut my pay)
You抎 do the same if you were in my place, with that booty up in yak face


The first two minutes girl were gonna take out time
Freak you down hit you from behind
The next three minutes oh were gonna get on the floor
Say my name and make me want some more
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 turing on the side
Hurry up scream it out, let it go girl
And when you arrive our time is up
So scream much louder

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