[Saga Of The Exiles Part 3]

"Abbaddon, the angel of the abys & king Aiken Lugonn,
the lord of misrule"

The timegate remains closed...

Silence approach the many coloured land
The domination is broken
Power is for the jester to grasp
Believing the daemon is chokin'

Chaos, rivalry, betrayal and despair
The mad girl, the raven, enthroned as a ghost
Gathering golden Torcs and the "spear"
The holy weapon of the shattered host

Fre humans are makin' bloodmetal weapons
The deadly poison to the ancient foe
As the angel of the abyss
Plans with the jester the final show

A metaconcert - To kill off the girl
Conspiracy - To take over the world
The lord of misrule - Burned by the blizz
Created with fraught - By the angel of the abyss

Rebellion, you Tanu brothers
Bonded by blood
The Battlemaster survived the flood

...And now you die!

Hovering above the castle of glass
A mindblasting fight for supremacy
The Battlemaster revenging his loss
The king is victorious - Triumphantly

The only remains of the giant warrior - a
blackened silver hand.
All hail the king of the manycoloured land.


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