Elon Musk

Mandy Monett

Elon musk gonna ride your rocket
Send me to space ill put you in my heart shaped locket
Your so fine baby
Who's Grimes baby
You know you've always been mine baby

You may be selling flamethrowers
But my love for you's already ignited
Don't make that rocket go slower
Cause I know you can't fight it

Cause I know you can't fight it

We can't control the demons
They're already smarter than us

They have no brains or feelings
They're gonna turn us to dust

Technology keeps advancing
Can we keep up at the pace
It blows up into all our face
Are you a survivor

Elon, elon, elon

I was driving down the freeway
In my Tesla
Then I'll show up at your doorway
Gonna kiss you
Under the full moon

I don't wanna be your space x
But I wanna be your space next
For now and forever

All ya gotta do is say yes
So I can be your girl, your space mess
Together forever

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