The Time of Spells

Mandragora Scream

The Time Of Spells
There was a time, where only spells
goin’ trough my enchanted life,
you touch and come in, where I saw and see. . . . .

Deepen inside my wishes’ well,
I look for you,
babe all around,
tell me if you’ re ready
to be all . . . . . . mine !

You’ ll change your mind if you drink this!
You’ ll see the light if you trust me.
Take my hands and hold me.
Live my life and come after me.

Finally you found my wishes’ well
now howlin’ cries are dancin’ around,
you can still join them wait and see.

Life after deep death is fallin’ down
searchin’ for somethin’ you can change your mind,
But you remember. . . . . . I’ ll be here!

Break my heart and I’ ll squeeze you!
Ttear my mind and I’ ll blast you,
be all mine and I’ ll bless you,
call my name and I’ ll save you.

Now your desires dance through the spells,
but if you cry, they will come back !
You can be blessed
If this, is what you want . . . . . .

My dear!

You’ re goin’ into your grave . . . . . .
Remember your choice!
If you want to save your life,
now you call my name!

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