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One Fixed Point

Man Overboard

I try to talk but I'm in too fucking deep
I didn't even think 'cause I just like to speak
I'm going home
I'm sorry to disturb you
I'm sorry I'm disturbing
Just look at us now

You're on your own
At least for tonight, kid
But let's just try not to fight, kid
'Cause I'd die just to re-write this song
It feels like we keep burning the wounds
We cover our cuts in salt and ask why we're in pain

There's a cut on my neck
And a gash in the palm of my hand
Your finger might be broken
What else is new?
Whats a domestic dispute between people like me and you
I swear you touched me first
But who's fooling who
Why do I care when you turn away? I try not to care
I try not to

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