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Crowded temples of salvation
They 'll always try to find some gold
In the deceiving club of "god bless you"
Nothing else matters, just their clean souls

How could someone intents to live some kind of love
With that hostility in the heart?

Pratonized requirements for a selfshiness world
What can be easier than those musicals asks for prosperity?
"For business, me and my family..."

To the personifications of the humans hope

- The average rain of weekend!

The average rain of weekend to wash your dirty brain
Good sundays, some hugs, few kisses and "goodbye"
And than a free new mind by hallelujah...

Is this a life?
Stay hidden behind old lies
Probably I'll be high
But seeing trough a real light

And it can be so hard for photophobics
Who will always try to find some gold...

Find some gold in the deceiving club of "god bless you"
Nothing else matters just their cleans souls
Just their clean souls...

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