Mallu Magalhães


Mallu Magalhães

Mallu Magalhães

After all the weekend,
In a supposed calm Sunday afternoon
At the moment she could see the moon
When I saw her she was just crying,
Under my favorite tree

So I talked to her and I was trying,
To show her what she couldn't see
Behind the flowers in a light she found the sun
Behind the sad I showed her that life is really fun

With some nature together we admire the birds
Collected some different leaves
We realized how amazing the world is...

If you come over I will say tchubaruba
If you are down, Yes I will say tchubaruba,
If you don't know where I am, I'll be tchubirubing,
If you don't know who you are
You can tchubada, you can tchubaduba

Hey, ha, ho
There's no reason to hide
I could be kind a guide
I could be by her side

Yey, ya yo
She could be just with me
I would be grateful
I would feel... Yes I would be really cool...

If you come over... (refrão)
Hey ha ho ....
If you come over... (refrão)

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