Mallu Magalhães


Mallu Magalhães

Mallu Magalhães

Richard came inside a gas truck's gear
Hiding from officers
Crossing the limits of the country's fears
And lying as gossipers
And he decided to leave the hiding place
To take a walk in the American dream
Felt so scared but he needed some sun on the face
And in the street officers took him

Those were hard days for a gambler
Those were hard days for a man
But too hard to remember
As he had leave again

Richard got rid of Miami law
By deportation and some injuries
When the moreno man
With a punch on the jaw
Got in love so tenderly
Because in the flight he heard a voice
Which latin accent swung his soul
So when they landed love left no choice
Had to go with her to mexico

Those were good days for a glamber
Those were a good days for a man
But too good to remember
As he had to leave again

Richard waited the night
To leave the house of cheer
When she was sleeping safe
Kissed her belly with guilty tear
But must get lonely to be rave
And hit the road looking for something else
But for the first time felt alone
Wanted a place to rest in peace
But there's no way back home

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