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The Breathstealer

Malicious Dream

He walks swift,
Only in the night
Slices with his knife,
In silence through your neck

He will find you if he wants,
You will die without pain
He just takes your breath,
Don't be afraid

Sleep with your sheets
Over your head
To hide from him
The breathstealer...

Your breath is what he wants,
He lives of it with pain
He needs it for his own,
To live along into infinity

One life a day,
No he is not the dead
He just brings him along,
Dead hates him
The breathstealer is his name,
In hell they are waiting for him
But you can't take him away,
If he takes your breath, away.

Sleep with your sheets
Over your head
To hide from him,
Who might pull the air from your lungs...

There he is!
Looking at you,
With black eyes!
Heaving his knife!
Trying to get you, he's trying to kill you
Trying to take your breath away!
You can run, you can hide
But you must die...

The breathstealer

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