Tell Me

Make do and Mend

I heard you coming in clear all of last year
Just like a hundred calling bells
But I fought like hell just to disbelieve my ears
Because life's cruelest trick is to forget
That permanence is something that won't stick
And the end will draw you in just like a moth against the wick

Like it lifts you up
It will set you down in tiny pieces
On the ground if you're too close to hear the sound
Show me something life won't break
And tell me something time can't take away
As the ever passing years make
The I's in the I don't care's disappear

Now at the end of the day will you still say
That the balance didn't tip when you felt it sway?
Did you notice a change?
Because life doesn't make or mistake
How it is for how it used to be
But I'm finding that failure waits
For those who wait and see
You didn't notice a change

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