Old Circles

Make do and Mend

I heard you circling overhead
Calling out for for something
Something dear but somehow out of reach
There was a sadness in the way
You were ready, steady, searching
Was it something you lost or something you couldn't see?

I said, "it's a feeling so familiar to me. "
I said, "there's just some things no matter how we plead
Begging on our knees, we don't get to keep. "
You've been circling in your head and
I've learned to sense the distance

It's so hard to tell the difference
Between a setback or the end, a dune or an oasis
I'm truthfully so tired of hanging in
Sometimes it seems so hard to understand
Even with me holding out my hand
And calling out your name
You can't seem to land

For all this is, the years we
Endured it, were they worth it?
While the doubt can grow like disease in the skin
You were circling overhead
Ready, steady, searching for
Something dear but somehow far away
There's a sadness in the way
The doubt can grow inside you
It's almost like you never had a say

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