Each Of Us

Make do and Mend

There is a light that never goes out
But try as I might, I can't seem to find it now
I promised I'd be true come high water or hell
I told you that I'd hold you through student loans
and dry spells
But sometimes promises they don't mean nothing

But each of us is every bit as
Guilty as the other one is now
I wouldn't turn it around
As far as I see, there's just no way around
That sometimes love leaves, and that
Leaves you and me to sort it out

Was it the "I love yous" and the "I'll be home soons"
Or the "baby please don't wait ups"
That start to sound like rain drops?
A skipping record. A ticking clock
Now we both know how the distance looms
But it's a different kind distance
when you're just in the next room
We're both getting a signal but want it to stop

Think of me when the church bells ring
Down the street from the beach house in the spring
The merrimack's still thawing out and I miss everything
Think of me when the flowers bloom
On the window sill in the living room
The merrimack's still thawing out and I miss everything

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