Make do and Mend

A knock on the door from an old friend
That you thought that you'd never see again
You prayed that the sad seasons
Would end, but they weren't listening
So take your coat from the bin under the bed

I watched it go away in the pale reflection of my face
I count the hours as they're circling the drain
I'm out of time to waste
To navigate the empty page
I'll need all the motivation I can fake

As far as I'm frankly concerned
There's still no water when the faucet handles turn
We traded everything for untread ground
We spent the last two years to scared to slow down

Open your mouth, nothing comes out
Run yourself in circles until the bottom
Falls out and you hit the ground
Still I try to work it out, made more
Excuses than my fingertips could count
With every age, there's no progress made
There's just a wall of hesitation
I could never work around
I bit my nails to the quicks just to
Show that I had nothing more to give

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