All There Is

Make do and Mend

I remember when we were so young like new sheets on the bed
Felt the cool touch of love like it begins, just like it's never going to end
I could see the light coming off us
Like old stars in the night there was
Only so much shining we could do
Before our light ran through

We're all stitched up in never enough
Is this all there is
When the mortar starts to give and the walls are crumbling in?
Is this all there is
When we forget about our
Breath and let the end just be the end?

We let the feelings wax and wane
We let the years take what they claim
But when you're walking out the paces
You never notice how you start to change
Listening back we hear it now
The ebb and flow of breaking down
The subtle whispers of an ending playing out

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