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Bubble Butt (feat. Bruno Mars, Tyga e Mystic)

Major Lazer

Free the universe (Extended version)

Bubble butt, bubble butt, bubble butt
Bubble butt, bubble butt, bubble butt
Bubble butt
Turn around, stick it out
Show the world you got a

Drop it low, put it in the dirt
Sex drive, put it in reverse
Killed that... put her in a hearse
Then I drove off and put it in the dirt
Drop it low, put it in the dirt
Take your top off, turn into a bird
Bubble butt, pussy, pussy...
Smokin' bubble kush wearin' a bubble coat

Like I do, turn and thick, it...
Took her, look - me no fuck 'em, good riddance
Buy two bottles, swing it like cricket
My lock-stock, my eyes, my shield, I'm a wicked..
Baby, let me tell ya 'bout the body, ah
Make you feel that buzz like a Nokia
Nevermind, I might have to body ya
Even cartel are up here

Ok, open up your bubblegum, let me see your bumper
Booty so smooth, can't believe it's not butter
I go in from under, she wetter than a surfer
I ate the pussy fast, I'm about to start burpin'
I burp, burp and re-lick the bottom of the surface
I loaded my clip in and told her "don't get nervous"
I'm a bang, bang, chiddy, bang, bang, bang killer
Ball like a dribble, put you in a pickle
Nibble on my dickle, why you trippin'?
I'm a crazy individual
Never do minium - drop Benz, Bentley too
Damn bitch, talk much? I don't want interviews
I'm tryna get into you - then make you my enemy
Ha! Not playin', got the bitch mad
Me don't like flatscreen ass, I need a 3d

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