You And You

Magnetic North

This is for my family, this is for my crew.
And this is for us too, direct, and t-vu!
And for everyone that held us down, through and through,
Like... you and you, cuz
You and you are the best things, worth remembering.
Nothing lasts forever so lets keep pretending,
And just live in the present, cuz in the end,
All i need, to be, is in your presence.

(derek "direct" kan)
If your lova-is giving you drama, it don't matter
If you struggulin within your conscience, it don't matter
If your credit is getting obnoxious, it don't matter,
Cuz the only thing that matters is that we have been gathered

So act-like bananas, don't ask-why just abandon
All those phantoms that, drag your spirits down like titanic
I don't care if you're a manic depressive, we goin manage,
To relax, enjoy the weather, and just bask in our companions

And that's the plan, period, i'm serious
We goin have fun, as if, today-was-the last one to live
Cuz the sad truth is, our paths don't always pass
Our lives are fast moving, yo these times are all we have

So grab a glass or bottle for all, you alcoholics,
And play some jams for all you dancers and nostalgics
Cuz these are the days that matter the most, cuz yo
Nothing last forever but damnit we'll come close

And here's a toast


(theresa "t-" vu)
I dig deep
Searching for the phrases to speak
My amazement that ya'll have stayed with me
Through sleet, rain and the snow
Its weak that my range of emotions can't show
What you faithful should know

So you thats what this song's for
And every encore
Is yours and yours
So dont' forget me, i won't forget you
And don't you let me, get sentimental

Nope! no more thinking, lets get to drinking
Arms around shoulders shot glasses clinking
It feels like a blink since early adolescence
When i was a wide eyed uc berkeley freshman

But now we are destined, for different things
Time flies whether or not you try to clip its wings
I hope you listening, cuz i don't say it a lot
But aside from hip hop, you're all that i got

Yo you're all that i got


Yo it's times like these that we need to clean
Our minds from the evil and needless things
That occupy our being from feeling free
So we can smile and release what is deep beneath

Cuz these moments we have are too precious to be
Just a moment... passing evanescently
So i wrote this, beat to dedicate these
Words i hope are worthy to show ya what your friendship means

And if it seems i take you for granted
This song is more than the liner notes expanded
Or a hallmark card written in iambic
Cuz damnit, right or wrong you'll never be abandoned

Left stranded never that whatever wrath
Trust i'll follow you down whatever path
Even if you trespassed into the depths of hell
Cuz you're a part of me i can't dissect myself

And to all my peeps that helped me carry the weight,
I sincerely thank you, for this amazing grace
Cuz through the trials and the trauma we barely made it
So now's let's celebrate with no more drama like mary j did.

This is dedicated, to friends and fam
Bartenders and, anyone who ever gave a damn,
Stayed, or backed me up
Or even just a hand shake, dap or love
Am i sap or what. (yup)


Compositor: Derek Kan

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