Unda Control

Magnetic North

Unda Control

I got, everything, unda control
just, let it go, yo it's unda control
I got, everything, unda control
don't worry about a thing yo it's unda control..

I got it all (all) unda control...unda the soul
Cuz the flaws (flaws) come and they go...come and they go
I won't fall (nah), I'm much too composed
Trust me I know
Just (uh uh), just let it go
Just let it go

I got it all all unda control, since I was born
on that April 19th in the eye of the storm
see my, mother was torn, she was warned in advance
that the operation was an 8th of a chance

that we'd both survive, but we, both alive
so there must be reason, why I was kept breathin'
and even, if I hadn't figured out the answer
I plan ta, never look back, and thats my mantra

I stand up and damned if my luck seems low
cuz my grandma once said in bloodstream yo
is the, blood of a million, vietnamese children
that died like a soldier tho born a civilian

and that same resilience, is here in my soul
its entrenched in my skintone, and bred in my bones
and thats why I know that its unda control
even when it falls apart like the walls of jericho, yo


On the surface, you might think my life is perfect.
All quiet and calm, full of peace and purpose, but
inside, you'll find a teams of demons casting curses
clowning my soul, like a crowded circus.

And it hurts us, us being my soul, and my shouldas
and though, I can't pull, miracles, like Moses
Yo I, won't, feel hopeless, I, still will, hold this,
together, whatever-the-weather, I'll never lose focus.

And that's fo' sho-bitch, my neck is protected.
The stress, won't get next, to my chest, to conjest it.
I'll just, brush-the dust, off my shoulders to the left and
breath in, breath out, and leave, the crowd breathless.

So to hell with, the cost of regrets cuz
I'm blessed with the power from the cross on my necklace
And through it all, I won't fall for being reckless.
It's all unda control, cuz every second my soul strengthens.


At times I'm a time bomb
but i use the 'tick tick' as a rhythm
to write, to write songs
goodbye to bygones
leave the past where it's at
no sense in you lettin those flashbacks attack
just let it go...

It's all unda control.
No matter the obstacles or potholes blocking my road.
Yo, I won't begin to stumble, my soul within won't crumble
over the stones and over the rubble I know I won't struggle.

Cuz there's a method to my madness, but don't sweat it 'cuz I'll manage.
Instead of Armageddon I'm headin' straight for Atlantis.
Cuz I've always had this together ever since the
skies were rinsed away and the clouds became sinister...

Eye to eye with the abyss, I was second to blink
You can take the easy road but I'm treading the brink
So just get me a drink...vodka tonic and lime
and don't worry about a thing yo it's gonna be fine


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