So Long

Magnetic North

Apologies first and for
Most it's been years since i called, or wrote
it's funny how i ignore the most
vital thinking they'll be always close
lord knows i never meant, to forget
but my sense of sentiment, is inept
you were right it's evidential, i've been
better with my instrumentals then friends
and here i am again, never learned
can't return a call, show concern
at times i think i changed, but then again
i'm still writing letters that i never send
can't make amends, can't reverse
all i got is pencils pens and a verse
you deserve, the years i disappeared
not a song, damn its been so long

its been so long, since i've been without you
remember me and you were like family
no song could ever amount to
the memories that we had, can we
hold on cuz this time's borrowed
i'm aware you can't always stay
go on tho i cannot follow
but i swear you'll never hear me say
so long

i know it's bit late to notice it
but today, i flipped through some old photo pics
and there was one of you and me laughing
yo our inside jokes were everlasting
man you hafta see it, we had the biggest grins
damn we were the best of friends
and i wish i could say that in the present tense
but we begin every sentence with "remember when..." and yeah, we had a blast, but what about now?
the only time we chat, is when i'm in town
friends when convenient... i can't believe it
we've been tight since back when mike was singing beat it
i mean it, how could it come to this?
of everyone i lost, the one i miss
is you, man only you
you were the truest comrade a homie knew


now i perch atop a simple roof
not a single thought, thru my mind aloof
and these shingles got, but a single truth
that my life just stops, when i'm missing you
given to, melancholy all the days
staring at the skyline of the bay
thought i saw your silhouette, felt the tears
cuz i know that you been dead for seven years
i know that some wounds, will never heal
but realize, through it all, i'm still here
no matter whatever that happened in the past
it's sad to let it burn the friendship that we had
so let's, value what we have left
and just forget, all of our past debts
though i've done some things, that i can't excuse
i hope you understand i'm still the man you knew
and so i thank you, i don't say it enough
but thank you, i know it's not enough to
thank you, but i'm grateful
no living creation could replace you
so i pray you, will never stray to
a place too far away to embrace you
though it's painful, i'll remain strong
i'll stay faithful, even though it's been so long


apologies first and foremost
i gotta stop talking to your ghost
but you keep talking to me, these dreams
that got me walking in sleep, please
stop reminding me, can't subtract it
flashbacks, to the accident
broken glass, car windows
a broken gasp, as you fall into
comotose, so i prayed
father son and holy ghost, will you save
the only thing that matters most, its in vain
the more you hold on close, the more it fades
the more i replay, more i curse it
and here i am again, with my verses
you deserve, the years i disappeared
not a song
damn its been so long


:] by Browll

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