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Invisible Scars (if You Think)

Magnetic North

Oh you gotta be kidding me... not again.
Did I possibly begin, to believe you were my friend?
These false prophecies of trust, they must, come to an end,
cuz I'm sick of dealing with and healing from this wicked trend

of me, placing faith in, people that be faking
promises they making. Then they try escaping?
well if you thought you got away you were mistaken.

Cuz I will never forget, all you two-faces and phonies,
so-called homies, betraying, placing the blame on me only.
And then you call me the fraud, the enemy, and the fake???
I'm sorry God, but the best of me has turned into hate.

Because, over and over, people be burdening my shoulders
futhering my bad temper, turning me even colder,
than I, already am. Man, why do I just stand, here and
take this abuse when they misuse my lending hand?

This is the last time, the last moment,
that I will ever fall blind to your well-disguised motives.
So don't bother to explain, I won't even hear ya.
From now on, I trust no one, not even the man in the mirror.

Trust, no one again, yo,
no one's a friend.
If you think you found a comrade, you wrong, you all along had,
mirages as friends, their facades just pretend,
these invisible scars are the hardest to mend.
Trust, no one again, yo
no one's a friend.
If you blink for just one moment,
you're leaving yourself open, to get stabbed, count on it
the friends you had are counterfeit
how did the only thing I trusted in amount to this?

So I sit here...
analyzing all the lies I thought were sincere...
every second of deception, how is this fair?
'Cuz I've always had your back,
rain or shine, nah I nevermind the forecast.
There I was, silly me, thinking there could really be
such a thing as make believe as simple reciprocity.
I know now, why I never trust entirely.
Somehow, I forgot, thank you for reminding me.
Therein lies the irony, you thickened my walls.
Yo, you knew every landmine you triggered them all!
Left these, infinite scars, how soon are they supposed to fade?
'Cuz I can still feel the wounds between my shoulder blades.
It's safe to say, in this world that we're living in,
friends and enemies are nothing more than synonyms.
As they appear, just reflections in the mirror,
keep your friends near, but your skepticism nearer.


What's the use of pretending?
I'm used to pretenses.
I can see right through illusions of friendship...
or so I thought. But you're elusive intentions
are hard to spot. Now these useless defenses
are all I got. And I could not
believe, what was, beneath the surface.
Your mask was so perfect,
cleverly crafted, as if every action
was well rehearsed and effortless acting.
And back then, you even had the nerve to say
you had my back...have you ever observed the way
that you can act, when every mask is burned away?
You never had my back, you were clutching vertebrae!

Dang I should've made, a better inspection
when I met you, to befriend you, or to question your friendship
Cuz I never could trust your character,
never shoulda shared with ya,
but now I know, to never lower my guarded barriers.

It's hard, I'm telling ya, to accept what you did,
Man I can't believe the bullshit you fools hid.
Yo you pushed me to the edge, and damn my battered shoulders
have had it... that's it, yo, it's fuckin OVA!

This friendship has ended, this kinship is finished.
I can't believe you hypocritical bitches just did this.
So fuck forgiveness, cuz yo you took it for granted
and your underhanded ways, are now, forever branded.
You understand this?

Compositor: Theresa "t-" Vu E Derek "direct" Kan

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