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Addicted (The One That Got Away)


Rebel Heart

[Verse 1:]
Im under your spell
Pulled me in took me down with your poisonous touch
You brought me to hell
Watched me burn with the fever that I love so much
You're watching me crawl

You get your kids
Take your fist put it right through the wall
The drug that I crave
You're so clever you're the devil watch you slither away

See I don't know what it is, but Im attracted to the dark
And it was easy to predict
You were gonna the one who broke my heart
You were gonna be the one who tore it apart
Make me fall down on my knees and start to pray
You were gonna be the one that got away

You know truth is a lie
Bitter fruit, bitter sweet
But oh-so divine
Now that I've had a taste
Like a moth to a flame
I'm addicted to fame


Im-Im addicted
Im-Im addicted
Im- im addicted
To the one that got away

Composição: Madonna Ciccone, Tim Bergling, Pournouri, Magnus Lidehäll.

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