The world is defenetaly going insane
I think that the people lose their brains
Turn on your Tv and it all sucks
So many shits thats unvealalivable to trust

2 teenagers raped a girl with Mental Problems
A dad escapes from a fight with his daughter
Baby is rescued at the sea
Football making friends enemies

That's why I don't turn on the Tv
Cause this shits depresses me
I sit and I think in any kind of salvation
Ways of Thought are the worlds extermination

Let's give a Break Let's give a Pause
Let's destroy it and start with new laws


Get the fuck up!

First Law! Might be respect
share it, and never forget
the Law, might be trust
never to you, never for us

Worlds devastation
Ways of thought
Worlds extermination
Ways of thoughts

World Extermination, killing us all
We need a salvation, who we will call?

Third Law! might be help
take my hand lets escape from this hell

Fourth Law! might be freedom
Positive thoughts transforms you a leader

Compositor: Tchel Caron, Renan Pigmew, Lucas Viana

Letra enviada por Renan Morais do Carmo

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