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Speak No Evil

Mad Sin

well here i'm hanging from a tree
and the crows they eat my eyes
but i couldn't help myself
i'm starting to laugh so speak no evil
i shot the law down with my gun
it was a sheriff so i had fun
and it's a kind of a shame
that i'm to blame so speak no evil
he rode with the devil through the storms and the mist
and once they've buried him alive
he never saw his father and his mother was a whore
i trashed a bank with my gang
i couldn't escape the fucking fang
and they locked me up in jail
but i couldn't pay the bail and you say that i'm evil
well this is right and this is wrong
you claim to tell us so
but there's two sides of a coin
i won't stay in line just say that i'm evil
he rode with the devil...

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