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Riot In Paradise

Mad Sin

the townships are burning
and the keepers of the law run for their lives
i'm not the one who brought us here
i use my mind my fists i will survive
everybody thought it's paradise we live in
but they took us for surprise
and now the power of the underworld creeps out of the sewers
so kiss your ass goodbye
and the flames are rising to the sky
adrenaline is pumping i feel high
and everything is going and that's ok
because armageddon is coming
riot in paradise
you told us this is paradise
you told us everything’s gonna be fine
and then you took us for slaves
said working is the key to luck so don't have fun
but now our brains are really psycho
and things are losing control
the time has come the moon is high above
and some things gonna be changed until the dawn
and the flames...

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