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Psychotic Night

Mad Sin

i hit the rusty tourbus the gig is 300 miles away
soon we have to stop no more petrol who will pay
after 7 hours - drinking - driving - we arrive the hall
the drumkit is broken i'm so drunk - i'm gonna fall
tripping with the demonteds speeding with the clan
meeting lots of crazys the berlin crew rocks again
and then the big mo...geezer who starts trouble and wanna fight
i kick my boots up his ass i just want fun and party tonight
feeling high - feeling allright - madness in a moonly night
i'm lost in my restless psychomind - psychotic night
hey man what's the time just ten minutes to the gig
i'm speeding like a loaded gun you better play no tricks...
and then you see us coming a long long distance now
and how you hear me growling and you better believe me all
feeling high...
we hit the stage at ten the sound last fucking loud
the dimensia breaking out the crowds shouted for more
heartattack hall are... i have to pay the mic
one more night without money - hotel party - that's the life i like

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