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Out Of The Dark

Mad Sin

i sneak around the corner like a dog on the bone
each night i here your voice on the phone
i'm the fire behind your eyes - the drug in your blood
i want lick you - i want to cover you in mind
and soon you will feel it
while the wind is blowing and the blood is boiling
it won't be no dream and no one will hear you scream
crawling out of the dark
here comes what you deserve soon they ring the graveyard bell
hey baby - i will see you in hell
i'm a perverted daddio who observes you around the clock
dead or alive you're gonna be my dog
and soon you will feel it...
i got some lovely instruments - that's why they call me the chirurg
just made to cut young soft skin
i'm spanking in your bed and hiding in the corner like a rat
dead or alive to eat you won't be no sin

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